Live Recordings? Check!

I was still super sick (the entire month of February with the flu), as I arrived to my long awaited live session at Webster University. My voice was gone, I still had jet lag from Atlanta, and that SAME night I had to pack and get ready for a 6am flight to Miami. But I had to get these songs recorded. I finally had access to a live studio and had 3 hours to create my visions, for free! I was not letting this opportunity go no matter how tired I was.

I remember drinking lots and lots of tea and water that day. I remember singing and playing my ass off. I remember hacking and coughing through every take. Lol. I remember the audio engineer students and teacher being shocked at me for criticizing my "sick" voice. To them it was amazing. To me, it was sick Katarra. But thus, the life of a perfectionist.

We hash out more takes and by the 5th one I am exhausted. Elijah then starts playing this funky groove on the bass. To which Chanel adds a very crisp pocket to. To which I add my 7th chords. Just then the teacher asks us if we have anything else to record. I say yes, and we go into the groove again, Kong scatting along the bass line. I remember my favorite rap verse and realize it needs a home. And there you have the 'Boom Boom' freestyle. I’m glad I built the courage to release this song to the world…be it a quick impromptu freestyle. Lol.