Naked Face. Sunshine. And Blinds.  

I can say that finally, at 29, I am comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel the need to do performative femininity as much. I don’t feel pressured to look “presentable” 24/7. And it’s such a liberating feeling man…

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Taking madness, disappointment, despair, and overthinking and creating some physical manifestation of beauty from it. Therefore healing myself through whatever creation I made in a moment pain. Full circle. This song spilled right outta me. Turn your pain into art…

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Started on the West Side 


Started on the Westside 

There is beauty in chaos. In pain. In death. The purpose of life I guess...  

As someone who came from one of the poorest, most neglected parts of St. Louis city, I'm pretty damn proud…

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Mitochondrial Eve 

I think often about the irony of how the origin of humanity, aka mitochondrial Eve, was a black woman. (For those who don't know, the Mitochondrial Eve is the most recent woman from whom all living humans descend in an…

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Lost and Found

I just wanna make beautiful dresses and gowns and walk around in them...even to the grocery store. 😂 May I be blessed with beginner’s luck cuz I have no patience. I’m an impulsive and obsessive creator. I have to make…

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My Story, My Truth, My Healing

Having C-PTSD and Borderline just means that past events have impacted me so deeply, that growing up, my brain rigged itself to pick up on the slightest bit of abuse. I was also born highly sensitive, so I can easily…

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The Bird 06/02/2020

I'm a big ass cry baby empath. 

Today I biked to the park for a moment of isolation 

While walking I stumbled upon a dead sparrow 

Instantly, I felt grief...I've been more sensitive than usual lately...something about it's eyes. 


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My Story, My Truth (Living with BPD) 

This is my story as well...

Having BPD is like having a real bad cough in your fucking throat and holding it in to make everyone else comfortable, but alas, it's just too much...and the longer you hold it in…

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Keep Going...

In the weeks leading up to the release of Cocoa Voyàge, I had my heart shattered, was betrayed and abandoned by people I thought cared, had my name dragged through the mud, suicidal, in debt...I went to therapy and was…

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The Value of the Artist 

Opinion. Things I notice A LOT of my musician and artist peers need, but are not getting: 

-Living wages 

-Affordable housing 

-Non-Gentrified creative spaces 

-Therapy/Mental Health Help 


-Supportive, uplifting environment 

-Event planners that are fair, professional and organized 


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Cocoa n' Cumming- an Intimate experience


Had one of the most memorable sets of my life at Cocoa and Cumming. Told, song, and played my life to a room of strangers, made people laugh, cry...feel. A St. Louis legend (Blvckspvde) asked for my autograph on…

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