Katarra is the musical idealist, allowing her creations to go into the ups and downs of loving and living, passion and pain, self-reflection, and a need to bring self-awareness and change in the world.

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Christian Schaeffer

"Katarra Parson went from a shy pianist with near-debilitating stage fright to one of the city’s most talked-about vocalists and musicians in just a few years’ time. Her debut album, Cocoa Voyage, sounds like a synthesis of a short lifetime of musical influences: rich gospel piano chords, jazzily scatted vocal runs and propulsive hip-hop beats fade in and out. Many of those textures pop up on standout track "Conversation Golden" — silky synths swirl against a squelchy bass line, but only after a clacky upright piano and a virtual choir of Katarras introduce the song with a celestial air."

Bandcamp 'Best Soul: November 2019'

By Chaka V. Grier · December 03, 2019

"Pianist and vocalist Katarra Parson’s Cocoa Voyage is an album that, indeed, feels like a journey. Opener and album standout, “Spring Before The Fall” is a spellbinding, piano-led track that sports dense layers of vocals. On “Watch Me Fly” and “Phoenix Rising,” Parson’s layered vocals swirl around gentle instrumentation. Cocoa Voyage’s jazzy production is compelling, working in support of—rather than competition with—Parson’s soulful voice."

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Finally in a healing space, Katarra Parson embarks on her debut album, 'Cocoa Voyage'

THE BLENDER by Kevin Johnson

On “Cocoa Voyage,” Katarra dabbles in soul, neo-soul, hip-hop with jazz, classical and psychedelic influences as she tries to take listeners to any place that’s not their usual reality.

She likens the project to a modern Shakespearean romance, along with a roller coaster ride of human emotion expressed through sound.

“My biggest thing is getting that dopamine rush, those chills, when you hear the music,” Parson says. “I’m trying to take you with me somewhere where you can feel what I’m saying..."

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