My First Song Review, Children of the Sun

It feels like I received an early birthday gift with the publishing of my first song review by the St. Louis Music Report! Children of the Sun is set to be an album strictly for the movement and betterment of all oppressed peoples of color! Let the revolution began. <3 

"Children of the Sun is the new project from the highly prolific St Louis based Farfetched label. It is the result of a collaboration with Center for Third World Organizing and Smoke Signal Studios to form the cultural initiative Subvert Lab, enlisting the forces of Katarra Parson, Prophet, Poet X, Nephii Love, and Farfetched founder and producer Damon Davis to assemble the project’s lineup. Their first single is presented in the old school format of having the same name for the artist, track and album, implying an intention to present a mission statement. “Children of the Sun” is short in length but jam packed with content. The production is astounding, with a short sample opening way to a heavily stacked line of percussion, understated keyboard pads and a solo guitar. All of these elements blend together confidently to bed Katarra Parson’s beautifully harmonized vocal hook clad in themes of empowerment, heritage and pride for people of color. The single takes a drastic turn into a filtered beat to accompany a spoken word poem by Nephii Love that is both fierce and spiritual in its message of self-love, community and retaliation to the systems of the world. A return to vocal melodies brings the song out into an instrumental outro that is as rhythmically infectious as it is dramatic and poignant– a time to internalize what has been witnessed. The relentless nature, stimulating production and stellar performance of this single has me beyond excited to see what this upcoming Children of the Sun release will sound like, and if you haven’t listened it I hope you do so as soon as you can."

-Julio Prato, Editor of the St. Louis Music Report