Katarra returns to talk with Ray Hartmann about upcoming shows, surviving the pandemic, and a sneak peak at new exclusive originals...

Women to Watch Now

Jonelle Glori 12/18/2020

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In The Know W/ Ray Hartmann ft. Katarra Parson 11/20/20

SChlafly Beer Music Hour 550 KTRS AM

Musician & Vocalist Katarra Parson on 550 KTRS AM with Ray Hartmann​​ playing unreleased exclusive songs.


St. Louis Public Radio (NPR): St. Louis Singer Katarra Parson's Recordings Reflect On Mental Health And Rebirth

By CHAD DAVIS • FEB 13, 2020

If St. Louis singer and songwriter Katarra Parson had to pick one of her songs to describe her life, it would be “Phoenix Rising.”

She appreciates the song because it's about flight, freedom and rebirth — the story of how she learned to take care of herself.

“'Phoenix Rising' is literally my journey of finding myself, of finding my power, stepping into that power, being comfortable with that power,” Parson said. “Now I'm at a point where I realized I got responsibility with that power.”

Subvert Labs Vol. 1

Collaborative Project for the People

Subvert Labs Vol. 1 out now!! A collaboration between St. Louis and Miami artists for a revolutionary hip-hop classic. 

 I went from studio newb to production assistant working with and for @damondavis 2018-2019 and came out a stronger artist, lyricist, producer and activist. I'm so proud to have a first hip-hop project out with amazing creatives, and to have been apart of the songwriting, recording and co-production. 😭✊🏾❤️

Juneteenth Jam livestream concert celebrates a freedom not often recognized

Kevin C. Johnson Jun 17, 2020

“Juneteenth, which commemorates June 19, 1865, when all slaves were finally freed, is being recognized in new ways this year. Some companies are giving employees the day off, John Legend and Alicia Keys are facing off on Instagram, and local celebrations are taking place.

The Juneteenth Jam, a concert celebrating blackness, livestreams at 6:30 p.m. Friday from Shock City Studios. Paige AlyssaKatarraTre GCarlos Brown Jr., KONG and Dhoruba will perform.

The event benefits Queer and Trans People of Color: STL.

Paige Alyssa, who coordinated the Juneteeth Jam with fellow musician and producer Tim Moore, was called to action by the demand around the world to end racial injustice and police brutality against blacks. 

Alive Magazine

By Jasmine Osby • Mar 25, 2020

Katarra “Cocoa Voyage” Album
The debut album from the self-taught singer, songwriter and pianist, Katarra’s “Cocoa Voyage” is the lovechild of soulful bliss and high-strung emotions. In her compilation of fierce records—fueled by effortless runs, harmonies and a dab of classical influence—Katarra uses her voice to somehow fuse the present with the past. With an intensity that is unmatched, “Cocoa Voyage” gives that ’90s “Love Jones” feel that R&B-lovers look for when seeking out timeless records. Tracks like “Phoenix Rising” and “Something Good For You” display Katarra’s vocal latitude and make her a bright star to keep an eye on as the year rolls on. Katarra says fans should seek out forms of emotional and physical expression during times of isolation to combat boredom and loneliness.

SLUMFEST Awards 2020: Katarra wins Best R&B Artist Award

Schlafly Tap Room Presents: Katarra, Syna So Pro & Aviana and the Pure Root

Mental Health Matters

Katarra at the Pulitzer

Souldshed Highlights

Sofar Sounds St. Louis 2019