The Music Idealist

From serenading ballads in renowned jazz lounges to championing all-women beat battles, Katarra, a multifaceted singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer, has left her mark on both local and national stages. Her impressive journey includes standout performances at the III Points Festival in Miami and opening a sold-out concert for Boyz II Men in Chesterfield. This St. Louis native brings a unique blend of talents and styles to every stage she graces, pulling audiences into impassioned performances with her sultry yet powerful vocals and smooth keys that seamlessly blend Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classical influences.

"My music ranges from emotionally explosive ballads to boom bap R&B grooves to Jazz-centered Prometheans... all spilling from one place: the soul."

Katarra's career began at Lyrical Therapy, STL’s third-largest open mic, where she overcame years of anxiety by joining the Therapeutics band as a musician, singer, poet, and lyricist. As she blossomed out of stage fright, Katarra began to draw crowds with her original songs and compositions, making a name for herself as a versatile and dynamic performer. Since 2016, she has become a staple in the St. Louis music scene, captivating audiences one stage at a time.

Her journey includes joining the artist collective WeAreFarfetched, led by multidisciplinary artist Damon Davis, in 2018 and securing an 18-month Jazz Residency with the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in 2019. Katarra has used her music as a platform for empowerment, performing the 'Black National Anthem' at Tishaura Jones' inauguration as St. Louis’ first black woman mayor, and for advocacy, performing live for Cori Bush's campaign. Opening a sold-out concert for Grammy-winning group Boyz II Men marked another milestone in her burgeoning career, solidifying her impact on the music scene.

After releasing her debut project ‘Cocoa Voyage’ in November 2019, Katarra was listed on Bandcamp’s ‘Best Soul of 2019’ and featured in The Riverfront Times' ‘Best Local Music of 2019’. Her story has been covered by St. Louis' most cherished media platforms, including the STL Post Dispatch, STL Magazine, STL American, The Riverfront Times, NPR St. Louis Public Radio, and Voyage STL, highlighting her rise from voiceless to a voice of her community.

Katarra's soulful runs and revival of the jazz scat style are a musical revolution embodied in one woman. Her music delves into the highs and lows of love and life, passion and pain, self-reflection and self-awareness. Through her performances, she continues to find healing and strength, sharing her powerful story and creating a deep connection with every audience she touches.


To The Women Who Raised Me 

The women who helped raise me…

The reason why I get along better with elders. 

Why I always keep my heat past 80. 

Why I love Golden Girls, Matlock, and get nostalgia seeing Sesame street.

Why I LOVE large puzzles…

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Adult Swim on a School Night 

I learned a lot from Inuyasha, my first and favorite anime. How to slay and purify demons, and how to sing in Japanese. Lol. ❤️

I'll never forget the day I first saw it. Late on a school night, my…

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Full Circle Deux 

My story: After performing and getting my first standing ovation from 150+ people at Gateway Middle, later I auditioned for CVPA and was put on the waiting list. Never heard from them. I was devastated, but ended up continuing my…

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Blood, Sweat and Tears 

I got so much love from my city on Sunday. But for the first time in my life, I passed out from heat exhaustion right on the very last song. 😩 It was a health scare wake-up call for me…

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In elementary school, I ate lunch in the bathroom alone. In middle school, I ate lunch in the bathroom alone. In high school, I found the music room and ate lunch alone, with a piano. And now still to this…

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The Rose That Grew From Concrete 🌹 

The Rose that grew from concrete contemplates her freedom…should she allow past restrictions and trials to shape her story, or will she move to greener pastures where her light can be celebrated and not dimmed? Will she let her hard…

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My favorite part of my musical career in St. Louis has always been meeting crazy talented musicians and artists I've always admired from afar. I finally let them know how dope I think they are...all to have them in turn…

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Lift Every Voice And Sing 

Tomorrow I am honored to be a part of St. Louis history and black woman history. Tomorrow, I will be performing the Black National Anthem for the first black woman mayor of my city. Tomorrow my dreams come true along…

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Shooting Shots and Vaccination  

Got my first vaccine shot today and I can honestly say I have only one complaint. 

I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gorgeous tall men in uniform. It was too much...I’m completely beside myself and am feeling…

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