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From serenading ballads at the Dark Room to championing all women beat battles at FemFest, pianist, producer and singer-songwriter Katarra Parson has performed in venues locally and across the nation. From the Black Lives Conference in Atlanta to the III Points Festival in Miami, this St. Louis native brings a variety of talents and styles to the table, pulling audiences into her impassioned performances with sultry, yet powerful vocals and smooth keys that blend Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classical influences.

“My music ranges from emotionally explosive ballads to boom bap grooves to jazz centered Prometheans...all spilling from one place: the soul.

Katarra began her career performing at the open mic, ‘Lyrical Therapy’, where she overcame years of anxiety by blossoming out of stage fright. From joining artist collective ‘WeAreFarfetched’ by multi-disciplinary artist Damon Davis, to gaining an 18 month Residency with the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, Katarra has since become a staple in the local St. Louis music scene, making a name for herself as a multifaceted performer and artist. In early 2021, Katarra had the honor of performing the Black National Anthem for St. Louis’ Mayor Tishaura Jones’ Inauguration, and ended the year with an empowering performance at TedXStLouis: Women. 

Katarra’s story and music has been covered by her city’s most cherished media platforms, such as: STL Post Dispatch, STL Magazine, STL American, The Riverfront Times, STL Public Radio, and Deluxe Magazine amongst others, as she was able to release her debut album ‘Cocoa Voyage’. Released Nov. 2019, it would go on to feature on Bandcamp’s ‘Best Soul of 2019’, featuring ‘Cocoa Voyage’ on the story headline, and The RiverFront Time’s ‘Best Local Music of 2019’. A story of a phoenix rising from the ashes made its way around the city, and in the midst of positive and negative experiences with mental health, Katarra found healing and personal strength with every stage she touched. 

With raw emotion, Katarra’s soulful runs and revival of the jazz scat style, is a musical revolution all wrapped up in one woman, allowing her creations to dive into the ups and downs of loving and living, passion and pain, self-reflection, and self-awareness one stage at a time.


Phoenix Rising

Katarra Parson

Saint Louis artist Katarra finds her voice and her wings by rising through the fear and anxiety of being true to oneself. Regardless.

Writer/Composer- Katarra Parson-- Production: Katarra Parson, Mvstermind-- Mixing/Mastering: Kevin Koehler--

Album Art: KONG, Damon Davis

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