Affirmation: Get With the Movement or Move TF Out the Way 

I’ve kept these thoughts to myself for a while, but feel a great need to express them today. Over the years, I’ve made a lot of connections in this city amongst creatives. Some have been fruitful, and some have been traumatic. I am choosing this moment to express my intentions on being a music artist outside of the obvious love and passion I have for my craft. 

I can honestly say I am finally happy with where I am in life. Despite the stressors, despite the trauma, despite current events that constantly challenge my peace. Despite living in a society shrouded in anti-blackness. I am happy because I am actively taking part in eradicating it, through what I love to do. I know who I am. I know what I am meant for. I have always known my purpose. I was given the opportunities I received because “God put you there and chose you for a reason” (my father).  

For so long I felt ashamed of my achievements, or things I got for myself, by myself. For years I downplayed a role that was granted to me by a higher power beyond this realm.  

I am actively taking part in bettering my community, building and inspiring black women, and making sure black girls never doubt their self worth ever again. 4C hair, brown skin, bigger body and all. I am making space for people that look like me. For people outside of the status quo. For people with BPD, for people with anxiety, for people who don’t see themselves loved by this world. I am actively taking part in bringing justice, peace and love into this world. Every time I perform, it’s a literal release of emotions that have been carried for years, by myself and my ancestors. I am releasing family cycles of trauma that I don’t speak of. I am releasing the cries of people who have never been heard. I am asking those who are blind to see the reality for what it is.  

When you come from nothing, the hunger to make something of yourself far outways the projections of others. When you have this drive to make sure NO ONE else from the same circumstances as you has to suffer, outways self doubt and perfectionism, your vision can not and will not die. No matter who discounts, doubts, or seeks to destroy you. 

I will have a part in changing this city, this country, this world for the black people don’t live in the same pain that birthed us. I am taking my part, through music/art, in ending this shit for good. And I will make noise one way or another until the world hears it. I am not here for industry politics and shallow shit. What is currently happening in the world is and has impacted me, my mother, my grandmother, great grandmother, and so on. My entire family and community has been negatively impacted by racism. This is bigger than being a well known musician. I am doing this to change my reality, as well as the reality of countless marginalized people.  

If you are not down for this cause, please move the fuck out of my way, and make space for the people who are.