Lost and Found

I just wanna make beautiful dresses and gowns and walk around in them...even to the grocery store. 😂 May I be blessed with beginner’s luck cuz I have no patience. I’m an impulsive and obsessive creator. I have to make every creative inkling of an idea I have into a reality, they come so fast and often that I have to hurry and make tangible the sound or image before it disappears. 🤦🏾‍♀️ When I was little, I’d get flashes of gowns or a sudden melody in my head out of thin air...and I’d get upset because my hands weren’t fast enough to draw it. Music was easily accessible for me to figure out tho. I think that’s why  I slowed up on designing and drawing in general. Music was always number one, but it took over. Which I’m no complaining. I’m just glad all my passions are coming back. ❤️