My favorite part of my musical career in St. Louis has always been meeting crazy talented musicians and artists I've always admired from afar. I finally let them know how dope I think they are...all to have them in turn tell me how dope they think I am. 🥺 Like a full circle of love. Everytime it happens, one layer of imposter Syndrome sheds off of me. 😂😭 

Over the past few years, I've finally met a lot of musicians, artists, DJ's, leaders, etc. who I always admired from afar, but was too socially "off" to initiate a connection. But the more I started to stand in my own personal power and stepping into who I truly am, the more I kept running into these same folks everywhere. And when I finally would see them in person, I'd approach them, ready to do all this gushing about their talent and how inspiring they are to me...just to have them do the same thing to me. Some were even fans of my album, my music, my artistry. 🥺 This entire time, the love was reciprocated.  I guess your vibe really does attract your tribe. ♥️