The Value of the Artist 

Opinion. Things I notice A LOT of my musician and artist peers need, but are not getting: 

-Living wages 

-Affordable housing 

-Non-Gentrified creative spaces 

-Therapy/Mental Health Help 


-Supportive, uplifting environment 

-Event planners that are fair, professional and organized 

-Trustworthy and genuine organizations to partner with 

-Exposure on different platforms (not just the same 5 festival bands) 

-Knowledge of music business, law, marketing 

-Not being told that being an artist is unrealistic because no one can make a living off of being an artist, but seeing many organizations make bank off of art... 

-Having art that is not rooted in euro-centric standards taken seriously 

-All of these things with no Catch-22's, elitist cliques, or gatekeepers involved. 

Performed in and watched the Creative Place-making event yesterday, and saw that St. Louis is trying to do better for it's artists, I just wish the action was more swift and immediate.... 

I'm just saying help us and show us you value us and our art by investing in our well being. I'm tired of hearing and seeing stories of self-medication, suicide, over doses, and toxic habits. No more 27 clubs, no more dying young and/or broke as an artist being the norm. We need help. There are too many Billie Holidays, Van Gogh's, Basquiats and Hendrix's out here who just need treatment and affordable living. We don't want to be appreciated after we're gone.