The Bird 06/02/2020

I'm a big ass cry baby empath. 

Today I biked to the park for a moment of isolation 

While walking I stumbled upon a dead sparrow 

Instantly, I felt grief...I've been more sensitive than usual lately...something about it's eyes. 

I scooted it off the sidewalk, out of view 

In the shade of the flowers 

The sun is harsh today 

I shooed the flies away and started mourning it 

It's eyes closed, I knew it had flown so many times before 

Many others would have saw it, awed, and kept walking 

Going on about their day 

But for some weird reason, I came back to it 

All lives have always mattered to me 

I used to save worms from ants when I was a kid, I didn't understand the laws of nature 

Yes, all lives matter. All human lives matter. 

But in this country, for 400+ years, black people have been this fucking bird... 

And the fact that we have to write these metaphorical ass rhetorics speaks volumes of the travesty racism has created in this world. In this country. In this state. In this city. 

Black Lives Matter.