Blood, Sweat and Tears 

I got so much love from my city on Sunday. But for the first time in my life, I passed out from heat exhaustion right on the very last song. 😩 It was a health scare wake-up call for me. Although the heat was BLAZING on us, my love for music caused me to push my body to its limits. This is teaching me to speak up in situations where I don't feel safe. I will NOT perform in unshaded gigs anymore. My body is in pain and bruised. But my heart and mind are full. I'm grateful to my band and all the people who ran to help me and make sure I was helped, and the beautiful medical and fire dept. staff. It's been a battle out here yall. Pray for me. Going from one battle to another has been hard.


I won y'all!  After losing in 2021, I came back for vengeance. Overall I was so happy to be back around and to get so much love from my favorite producers, plus meet new dope producers. And my imposter syndrome was annihilated. Lol.

I'll always love Freshproducestl ❤️