Full Circle Deux 

My story: After performing and getting my first standing ovation from 150+ people at Gateway Middle, later I auditioned for CVPA and was put on the waiting list. Never heard from them. I was devastated, but ended up continuing my journey from Gateway Middle to Gateway High. That is where I got even deeper into my love for music. I spent EVERYDAY in the music room playing the piano. Breakfast, lunch and even after lunch. Lol. I ended up almost failing Colette Morton AP English class because I spent so much time in the music room, I'd lose track of time and be late. Even still, she helped me execute the perfect college essay, which helped me get accepted to Webster University where I developed my musicianship further. The full circle moment is Real. It's like every music community in this city has rejected me, only for me to rise. I'm being pushed out of St. Louis like a baby stuck in the birth canal and it has been painful, heartbreaking, and empowering all at the same time. Wherever I am meant to be, I know I will thrive because at the end of the day, its about the music and its impact on the people. I only ask St. Louis to be patient with my late blooming self as I continue this journey.